28-SPURS custom jerseys


28 - Custom Jerseys
Body Color: Navy Blue
Cuff Color: Athletic Gold
4" twill letters on the front SPURS
Letter Color: Athletic Gold

All twill letters are sewn on with zigzag stitch

Each jersey has 2" athletic gold twill letters centered on the back shoulder, under the seam, with the names as provided. All letters are capitalized.

L Locked Up
M Statue Of Liberty
L Dash
L Therapist
L Love Tap
M Eye Drops
L your honor
L Cricut
M spoop
L Onesie
L Scorpion
M Bush
M 1/4 Ecu
L Pearl
L reverse
L Back from the dead
L Dora
L cinnamon
M Germ-X
M honey butter
L push-ups
M Toast
M Hostess
L Sunshine
2XL Detour
M Fratstar